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Re: ur-Q reliability

   still sounds like another problem (maybe a thermostat even????), yes been
   nowhere in 1to2 hours, and also take my road trip naps 3hrs+ with the motor
   running, and lord knows I'm not moving then....
   There is not a designed heat failure problem with a idling engine at the fan,
   if all the other sensors components etc are working, teh fan should do its
   job, forever.....  In the past 3 years at qc events (lots of audis) and 4
   months on the net, you are the first one that I've heard has a prob with the
   fan....   An interesting statistic, don't you think......   When the rest of
   the world is that messed up, maybe it's time........   The parts that audi
   puts on these radiators (less the radiator itself) are tested pretty well
   under more extreme conditions than you're indicating, and work...  I'm still
   highly suspect that you are missing sumthin here, just a matter of time.....

Well, he is from Thailand, which is, um, is "tropical" the right word ...

and if he is idling for [ulp] lifetimes on end with the A/C cranked up
(well, *I* would have the A/C cranked up!!) those poor "radiator fans"
will be pumping their little hearts out, and from what I've seen, the
Teutonic Engineering Philosphy is to skimp on everything even remotely
"electric" in orientation.

and if he's near the ocean, the air is not only hot and humid and acidic
(car pollution), but [to rub salt into the wound, as it were] salty as well.

Ah, but the Duck Choo Chee...