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dead Audi (again) :-(

          SFD! My wife's 200 is Dead Again. Battery low. You might
          remember that this happened over the weekend and my mechanic
          gave the car a clean bill of health - charging system
          charging, no weird loads when the car is off, etc.

          This morning it didn't start again. Fast ticking indicating
          that the battery had *some* juice. Put it on the trickle
          charger for 10 minutes and it started right up.

          So back it goes for further diagnostic work. Anyone have any
          thoughts on what it could be?

          New battery, new belts, 60K on the odometer...

          Thanks in advance...my wife is *real* unhappy about
          this...her $aab stranded her a couple of times last summer
          and she's not looking forward to another tempermental car.
          So, of course, it's *my* fault! HELP!!!!!!!!!!


          Lee Levitt