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Re: WWW pages?

I use Netscape too,but when I start to browse ,the message "cannot locate
host" appears. So I use SlipKnot instead.
	Me too,would like to know an interesting WWW pages/site.

On Fri, 14 Apr 1995, Robert Phillips wrote:

> I just set up Netscape (a WWW browser) and have been very impressed with 
> the results.  Having not explored the Web in depth until recently, I was 
> wondering if anyone who has an interesting WWW page/site would give me 
> the address.  Audi/VW stuff is preferred, but other interesting 
> automotive applications are open.
> I have checked tou Bob D'Amato's page (excellent job Bob!), as well as 
> the Quattro page with all of its *very* useful links to others.
> 			See what you can do,
> 				Thanks,
> 			----Bob Phillips
> 			----87 4000S, FWD