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DISC: This IS a great group

> I have to agree on the remark about how good the folks here are to us
> Audiphiles and VW-philes. I have yet to see a flame. Nearly everytime I post
> I get a polite and informative responses. It is much better than the VW
> newsgroup, IMO. Thanks!

I definitely and wholeheartedly second that sentiment!  I used to surf the
usenet and all of the rec.autos hierarchy.  I can't remember the last time
I even looked there since I've been on the quattro list.  Yeah, it can be
frustrating when we get on some of those mine is bigger than yours type of
discussions, but overall that is a small fraction of the total bandwidth.
Of course I'm lucky that I managed to find a group of folks that shares my
feelings for Audis, especially relating to the technical side of things
("Vorsprung durch technik" after all!).  And it wouldn't be possible with-
out the forum that Dan Simoes has created and so faithfully maintains.  

I enjoy interacting with all of you, and I must recommend that if there 
is a locale where there is a concentration of list members that you try
to get together and meet face-to-face.  It does add so much to be able to
send e-mail to people that you have actually conversed with in person.

I wish all of you the best, especially in terms of finding dirt cheap
prices for your service parts!  
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