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Re: Clacking Noise.....

>My foggy memory seems to remember that the 100 doesn't have the pump. I may
>be wrong but the talk was about 90's.

I remember that Chris has a 90, which is still the same engine as mine.
Doesn't have the pump huh ?

>I'm betting that the lifters drained of oil. But in three days. I've had
>that happen after very long lay-overs(like a month). But it was only mild
>tapping. I use synth oil and Fram(cause they're cheap) filters. I've heard
>the bosch/Mann etc. factory filters help calm down the tapping a lot. Worth
>checking into for $6.

I'll have to check and see what filter is in there..... when I get it back 
the garage.....the wagon gets new Boge Turbo struts today :-)

>Also giving engine a little gas instead of idling might help bring oil up
>the passages faster. The oil pump is driven by camshaft. But don't rev the
>bejesus outta it when cold. Just gentle driving till engine is warm.
>good luck

After about 30 seconds or so I brought the rev's up to 2k, then 2,5k but it 

After about 3 minutes of easy driving it just went away suddenly.....

Me thinks I'll change the oil and filter tonight and see what happens.
Although the oil looked clean when I checked it before we bought it,
have to check what kind of filter is in there....

Mike (Dad2b),

>Ernest Wong

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