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No Subject

     Hi all,
     I have an '86 Coupe GT which is now obviously over 8 yrs old.  Is 
     there any preventive maintenance I should do?  For example, is the oil 
     in the manual transmission ever changed?  The fluid in the power 
     steering ever flushed?
     I have heard that some people use an oil flush in the engine which is 
     mostly kerosene.  Does anyone have any info on this?
     I have flushed the brake fluid and unfortunately am about to replace 
     the radiator.
        I changed the oil in my 86 Coupe transaxle with AMSOIL synthetic.  
     I don't think there is a specific maintenance interval on this though. 
     The factory gear oil didn't seem particularly nasty or anything.
        I've not removed the reservoir cap on the power steering since it 
     left the factory.  I have this theory that anytime you remove any 
     reservoir cap whatever fluid is in that system is instantly 
     contaminated with moisture and other smeg.  At 100K I've not had any 
     power steering problems.  Unlike brake systems the power steering 
     fluid level shouldn't drop unless you have a leak so there should be 
     no reason to open it.
        There is a school of thought on brake systems where flushing 
     (opening the hydraulic system for any reason) forces the pistons to 
     travel further in their cylinders (beyond their normal seating) and 
     that seals may be damaged as a result.
        I think this all boils down to "if it works, don't fix it!"