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Re: K&N hop ups

>Like that thinkin...   Saw a slick set up that included a Crown vic flat air
>intake mounted just below the bumper then a 4in hose to the box...  Looked
>slick (ram air) could barely see the intake under the bumper......  The other
>avenue would be to make a catch behind one of the air slots below the bumper,
>and route it up to the box....

Two thoughts on this thread. First, Be VERY careful how and where you
relocate the air intake. Below the front bumper is so low that you are in
*danger* of picking up enough water from a puddle to suffer hydraulic lock.
Trust me, rods do bend and break. My oldest son found this out in an '81
Jetta with stock air box configuration. 

Second, the horn (on the airbox) is most likely "tuned" for noise reduction,
not performance considerations. 


bbell@csn.net (Bruce Bell)