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Re: Idle fluctuation

A 5ktq I'm familiar with, got an 87 and an 86....  yes the stabilizer valve
can be cleaned by taking it off and hosing it out with carb cleaner, then put
back on, run....  Repeat as many times as gets it clean....  (took me 8
cycles)....  Next, there is a T-fitting hose that sits on top of the valve
cover gasket, with a metal tube to a hose that goes over the spark plugs to
the engine block.....  These two hoses are usually the culprit....  Tke the
t-fitting off the valve cover and take the hose from the block to the pipe
(to the t) off and check for thin walls or cracking.....  A quick test is to
pull the dipstick out of the hole while the car is running, does the car
stall?  If so, you can count on one of the above....  Also, pull the
intercooler to t-body hose off (the accordian one with metal rings) check the
underside for cracks as well, see a lot of those go too.....  The whole
problem is that the intake and pcv system uses oil thru-out, and this tends
to eventually eat the hoses......  The last thing to check is the t-body idle
screw, try tightening it down and backing it out, does the car stall or just
sputter some and recover (it should recover)?  hope this helps....  BTW, you
may want to make sure your audi dealer has the pcv hoses b4 you take them
off, sometimes the final desintegration takes place when removing.....