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Re: tire_pressures

On Mon, 17 Apr 1995, Jason Filuk wrote:

> Last night I measured my cold tire pressures on my 90 to be at 40 psi all-round.
> I opened the flap and saw a recommendation of 32 psi all-around, and slighlty
> higher pressures when under higher loads.  What do the majority of you guys
> out there run.  I know its about personal preferences, I would prefer 
> a nice riding tire, but able to hold a corner nicely.  I also noticed
> the max. pressure rating on my 205/60r15's were at 44psi, I assume that this
> is a cold-rating?

I use 40 psi only when autocrossing, giving me stiffer sidewalls so it 
wont bead off the rim, because autocrossing is relatively low speeds.  I 
made the mistake of driving home from an autocross with 40 psi tires, and 
it was awfull. The high speed stability was not there, at 110, I had to 
fight to keep it on the road, when normally I could have my feet up with 
a beer.  That high of pressure will also wear your tires wrong, wearing 
the middles quick and not touching the outsides.  I run 35 front and 32 
rear, which is a good street balance.  (BTW, same size tires as yours...)

Hope it helps...  Bob

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