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Re: '86 5KTQ: That beeper dammit!

> When I drive to school all is normal.
> After school, on my way home, when I hit the brakes, the little 
> beeper starts to beep.  Upon letting off the brakes it ceases.  
> Usually.  Sometimes it beeps all of the time.  Sometimes it beeps 
> only when the car is going downhill.  Sometimes it beeps after the 
> car is jolted (ala pot-hole).
> It seems to do this more when it is hotter outside.
> I know what my solution is going to be really soon (CUT WIRE TO 
> BEEPER), but I'd rather know the true cause.
Well Mike,

I guess this should be in a FAQ somewhere but...

The light is actually telling you (depending on which one it is - there
are two for the braking system) something that you shouldn't ignore.

Possibilities are:

      Low hydraulic fluid - this is most likely given your description
          Check the fluid level in the cylindrical container near the
          firewall. Markings are on the outside for levels. Fill with
          specified fluid. If the cap says "Mineral hydraulic oil" then
          fill with Pentosin 7.1s or 11s or the dealer equiv. If it says
          "ATF" use Dexron II ATF fluid. For 1986 model year you most
          likely will use hydraulic oil.

          Low fluid for this car is usually caused by leaks from the 
          steering rack or the hydraulic pump. Strange fluid levels as
          in high level after overnight and low level after 5-10 minutes
          of driving may indicate a faulty pressure accumulator. This
          also kind of fits your symptom, but check the fluid level first.

      Low hydraulic pressure - the same indicator on the dash is used for
          both low fluid and low pressure. This may indicate that the pump
          isn't working right, you have the wrong working fluid, or the
          accumulator isn't doing its thing.

      Brake pads worn - a different indicator is used for this but would
          stay on until you establish connectivity through the front
          pad sensor again (i.e. - change the pads).

Once you find out what it is, check here again for help in finding parts.
There are some good mail order outfits with decent prices and believe it
or not, some dealers actually charge fairly for parts.

Bob Kunz