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Re: Manual-Shift gear oil

>In my old Mazda Cosmo, which had a similar problem, I used Mobil 1 synthetic
>gear lube, which helped.  It seemed much more resistant to temperature, both at
>the low and high end.  I would expect any synthetic to have similar properties.

I think the standard vw/audi oil is a synthetic.  I tried mobil 1 in a
quantum and frankly could not tell the difference.

VW/Audi boxes are stiff when cold.  this is normal, and i'm not sure you can
do anything about
it.  if it is always hard to shift, you may not have the shift linkage
properly aligned.  consult 
bentley and make adjustments in small increments.  this improved the
shifting in my 86 5000.
Jason Douglas
MTS Dept G057                        
MITRE Corporation