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Re: Greeting , new to the list from SA.

> Greetings Audi Fans,
> I'd like to start by introducing myself, my name is Richard Gann and I'm 
> from South Africa and am currently living in Boulder Colorado.
> On arriving in this fair country I was a little disappointed, while 20
> browsing through car magazines, to see the adverts bragging about cup 
> holders and power brakes rather than 0-100 km\h times and handling
> as is done in South Africa. After all this is the land of the Automobile!
> But like many things in the U.S. ,there out there, you just have to find 
> them and so I stumbled on this news group.
> South Africans love cars or so it seems, we have Mercedes Benz, VW/Audi,
> Toyota, Ford, and Nissan\Fiat plants that assemble cars and do R@D to 20
> adapt cars to local conditions. In fact there was talk of all right hand 
> drive cars being produced there. We also love to drive fast and have one 
> of the highest auto fatality rates in the world! For example on Easter 
> weekends in the past it's not uncommon for 250 people to die in road 
> accidents and when I talk about roads I mean highways comparable with 
> German Autobahns,although we do have a speed limit (75mph).
> This is a country that needs Audi's safety!
> Well enough of my ramblings and I post some interesting questions 
> separately. 
> Regards
> Richard Gann 

Welcome Richard to the land of 55mph speed limits and 5mph bumpers.