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On Tue, 18 Apr 1995, Steven Buchholz wrote:

> > This is the first query I have lobbed into Quattro digest, so let me say
> > that I feel cheap asking the question I'm about to ask and also that I find
> > the digest among the most worthwhile things on the net. Now about the
> > question. I have a Eurospec '83 UrQ in amazing shape. Rebuilt head, another
> > new KKK, the centre dif lock doesn't work any better than anyone else's, big
> > wheels and so on. My own FAQ about this beast that I have doted on these
> > many years is what's it worth to enthusiasts like we have here? What kinda
> > range are we talkin', as it were?
> Guess I'm just a stupid engineer, but are you trying to determine the value 
> of you QTC from opinions on the net?  Well there is a list member that bought 
> a QTC plus spares for US$2500.  You might want to peruse the Ads in AutoWeek, 
> I seem to recall prices from ~$10K-$15K[US].  
> Steve Buchholz

What steve REALLY means that a late model UrQ is only worth about $1000 
tops, and thats with a full tank of gas.  Yeah, thats it... My number is 
below, you can even call collect!  :)

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