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Repco Brake Pads

I installed Repco MetalMasters on my '91 Coupe Quattro about 5000 miles a
go and these are my findings.   
These pads squeak quite a bit and antisqueak measures need to be taken.  
The first several thousand miles, the car enjoyed excellent braking
performance, especially when the pads were warmed up.  However, more
recently, the brake pedal just doesnt feel right and the braking
performance is probably worse than stock.  I checked the pads and they are
fine, the rotors also are smooth, the brake fluid change did not change the
Brake dust is considerably reduced and the dust that does accummulate
washes off easily. 
In balance, I am not satisfied with the braking performance and feel.  The
pedal just converted feel over several thousand miles.   
Any suggestions from the list?  Are there any anti-squel recommendations
anybody can provide and/or a different brand/type of brake pad.