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Re: Repco Brake Pads

>These pads squeak quite a bit and antisqueak measures need to be taken.  
I have Metal backer plates I bought from Northern Foreign Auto here
in Nashua, NH, no squeking so far. I've gone maybe 5k miles though....

>The first several thousand miles, the car enjoyed excellent braking
>performance, especially when the pads were warmed up.  However, more
>recently, the brake pedal just doesnt feel right and the braking
>performance is probably worse than stock.  I checked the pads and they are
>fine, the rotors also are smooth, the brake fluid change did not change the

According to Arlyn Strano of Strano's Auto Parts, if they start squealing
for no apparent reason send em back for a new pair.  She says it cost 7.50
for the shipping.  
>Any suggestions from the list?  Are there any anti-squel recommendations
>anybody can provide and/or a different brand/type of brake pad.

See Above on both questions.

Good Luck,

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