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Re: BMW 325ix 4 wheel drive ?

On Tue, 18 Apr 1995, Mikes Garage wrote:

> WHAT, an afterthought.  The Audi seemed like an forethought that never was 
> developed all the way, just kidding no flames.  But the bmw is a 
> excellent car and I would go as far to say it has a much better engine than
> a five wor pot that Audi had to stay with because of political reasons.  
> I still would like to know what you mean by 'designed in' which Audi was 

Oh OH, here I go.... I just read a little history on the Q a little while 
ago, and it was in fact designed in, and they did develop the chassis 
around the AWD system.  This was true for the original Q's, but not too 
sure now. Now you can 'add' quattro for $1500 above base price.  Does 
this mean the nonq chassis are actually q platforms, just without the 
awd? Or the q's are the regular platform..... Who knows.

But I have had vast experience with both the BMW (5's and 6's mostly) and 
the engine in the Audi is far superior than that of the BMW.  It is much 
more bulletproof and needs less fixing. 

The BMW was always breaking, in need of expensive repairs etc...

My opinion..

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