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Re: 5000 models

On Apr 19, 10:17am, jason douglas wrote:
> Subject: 5000 models
> we certainly have more fun with message subjects than owners of other
> marques have, don't we?  We post messages like 5000 questions, 5000
> problems, 5000 models!  :-)
> >I'm considering buying a 5000 series and can't find a brief summary
> >of US models from 1978 to the present.
> >Being a former owner of a Audi 100GL 1978 year model (5000 in US)
> >I'm also interested in the older models i.e. the big square boxy
> >ones pre 1984.
> >I'd like to know what engines were used and models to avoid.
> Probably the easiest way to refer the cars is to use Audi's internal body
> designations.  The older model you refer to is the C2, the recently retired
> (i.e., '84 to 92?) model was the C3, and the current car is the C4
> (explosive performance, what?  :-)  ).
> I'm pretty sure that the C2& C3 were only sold in the North America with
> "atmospheric" and turbo versions of the 5 cylinder, as well as a 5 cylinder
> diesel.  .... Obviously, the diesel is slower than dirt, but one never
> hears that its  a bad engine).
>-- End of excerpt from jason douglas

	... and a turbo-diesel 5 : which was a bit faster than dirt,
	they tell me :-).  Seriously, though -- a doctor friend of
	mine owned a (C2) turbo-diesel and never complained about


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