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Re: BMW 325ix 4 wheel drive ?

On Wed, 19 Apr 1995, Mikes Garage wrote:

> Vast experience, are you a mechanic trained by either audi or bmw, do you 
> have 20 or so bmw's that you work on or audi's.  I have a least 6 5000's 
> siting behind my fathers shop you can have.  All with engines that are 
> not worth fixing.  But damn if my bmw is still running as good as new 
> with hardly any problems along the way.  As a mechanical engineer and as 
> other engineers have noted the bmw 6cyl is an excellent design.  
> By the way did you ever figure out what maser shares your biturbo engine
> I had almost forgotten your mistake concerning the SM(ah what a car)> 

I want to start this one by saying its against my better judgement to 
even waste time answering this one, so my apologies to the other mature 
people on this net.

Yes, I do have vast experience with both BMW, Audi, and Mervedes, 20 isnt 
even close to the number you said. As for the 6 5000's sitting behind 
your garage, that only means one of a couple things... 1) You or your 
father havent a clue on how to maintain an Audi, or 2) You or your father 
havent a clue on what to look for on buying a used Audi.  

Nobody said the BMW 6 was a 'bad' engine, if you look back, the topic was 
preferences.  I mentioned my preference was that of the Audi 5. Nobody 
else crucified me for this.

As far as the Maser goes, no need to argue with on that, I know what it 
has, and what else the engine is used in. You say you prefer the SM... 
nobody crucified you for that, it is your opinion. Me? I cant stand 
Citroen... the SM or any other...after all, its the company that made the 
2CV, right!? What makes the SM a good car? the Maser engine you say??? 

There we have it. Those are my opinions, Im entitled to them, like you 
are yours.

Again my aplogies to the rest of the net, I promise I wont lower myself 

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