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RE: UrQ Bits'n'Pieces

Hi Robert,

>Awlright youse guys, where do I find a lower-temp thermostat for the
>UrQ? Stock is 190F/86C (thereabouts); I would like to cut 20F off of the
>temperature, say 170F/75C (thereabouts). Audi lists no other thermostat
>to fit that car . . .

>From the IPC coupe/quattro catalog, they have 2 thermostats listed

035 121 113           80C degree
035 121 113B        87C degree

When you change over the thermostat, I think you should also go with the 
lower radiator fan temp switch, right? I am interested ion this change also, 
as I am considering it for the TQC when it goes back together.  Probably 
couldn't hurt when you go to the water cooled turbo.

Anyways, also from the IPC catalog there are some radiator fan swtiches, it 
says to check if you have a 2 pin or 3 pin switch. Some listings are for 
just the 81-85 coupes, I assume these would work in the TQC radiator.

321 959 481E        2-pin 95-84C degree
823 959 481D        2-pin 82-77C degree
823 959 481E        2-pin 70-75C degree
823 959 481F        2-pin 92-87C degree
811 959 481          2-pin 95-90C degree (86-87 coupe)
321 959 481          3-pin 93-88C/85-80C degree
321 959 481D       3-pin 102-91C/95-84C degree

I think glen has done this,  maybe could post what thermostat/switch combo 
he went too.

>Also, MSD no longer makes their knock sensor; anyone know of any other
>companies who make a "stand alone" knock sensor/warning display?

I have also drawn blanks here. They said they had problems with them and are 
no longer making them and there are none left. Haven't found a substitute.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com