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UrQ: Kinky intake hoses

I checked the hose from the intercooler to the throttle body this morning.  
As I recalled, I found that the hose goes fairly directly between the two, 
but I did notice two slight bends intended to account for the offset in the 
centerlines between the source and destination.  I also noticed that the 
hose appears to be designed to kink at the upper bend (couldn't see the 
lower one.  There is no kink in the hose on my car.  From what you said, 
as well as comments I read from the net, it sounds like the kink is rather 
common.  I'm wondering if I didn't slide the hose too far onto the inter-
cooler outlet, and in fact my hose is the one that's wrong.  Perhaps the 
kink is the way that motion between the engine and intercooler is accounted 

Sorry for the repetition, but since I'm posting this to the net too I want-
ed to find out what the general opinion is on the hose that goes from the 
turbo outlet to the intercooler inlet.  On my car this hose almost rubs 
against the back of the intercooler, and it does have a pretty tight bend 
at the intercooler end.  It seems to me that this would adversely affect 
the efficiency of the intercooler.  Is it true that since the front of the 
IC is in high pressure air that it really doesn't matter?  Has anyone 
tried to do anything to improve airflow through the IC on their QTC?

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