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Re: Grattan Event...going?

On Thu, 20 Apr 1995, sPiDaO wrote:

> Where is the Grattan Event and how much is admission?

Grattan Raceway (roadcourse) is located in Grand Rapids MI.  Cost is $225 
for the first driver, $150 for the second (co-driver).  You *must* be a 
member of the Quattro Club USA, which cost me an additional $36.  Need 
not have a Quattro to apply.  Let me know if you need more info, but it's 
kinda getting down to the wire.

Prices seem kinda high, but remember, this is for TWO days of fun and 
excitement on a 2 mile road course.  Track time is expensive.

Robert Phillips
The University of Akron Sociology Department-------Akron, Ohio
1987 Audi 4000S, 1.8L 4-cyl, FWD----------SOLO II  H-Stock