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Re: UrQ: Kinky intake hoses

> >I checked the hose from the intercooler to the throttle body this morning. 
> >There is no kink in the hose on my car,but it sounds like the kink is
> >rather common.  I'm wondering if I didn't slide the hose too far onto the
> >inter- cooler outlet, and in fact my hose is the one that's wrong. 
> I just talked to a fellow UrQ owner today (not on the list) and he said 
> that he cut off a section of the hose in order to get rid of the kink.  
> This would seem to jive with your observation of maybe your hose being 
> pushed up too far on the intercooler pipe.  It would seem that maybe the
> hose was designed slightly too long - (and maybe fixed in '85, Glen?)
With the thread on the 5kCS "accordion hose" I must admit that I'm thinking
that there is supposed to be a little give in the hose to allow for the
engine to move relative to the body.  If Glen doesn't have a kink, does
his hose from the IC to TB have some other means for accounting for a
length change?

Steve Buchholz