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T.A.P. Dancing

>The  most common  examples  are  failure  to  use  a  proper
>boost  gauge and/or  not  connecting  it  properly.  To  get  an
>accurate boost reading  a  pressure  gauge  must  be  teed  in
>to  the  line leading to  the  computer.  This  will  give
>waste-gate  pressure.  The stock  gauge  in  the  car  is
>reading  manifold  pressure,  which is  not  the  same,  and  is
>not  very  accurate  anyway.

Methinks something is fishy here... Wastgate Pressure, BZZZZTTT! the dash
gauge is fed by the computer which gets only one pressure signal into the
box. (also know as manifold pressure absolute)

The IA mod works on the exsisting computer pertty darn well if you ask me and
I did'nt need to adjust my spring  (Yea right Scott... But I'd have to kill
ya!!) PLUS my dash gauge still works and reads my current pressure.  I also
like the fact that I can feel the car yanking back on the timing when I get a
tank of, Ahem "Lower Octane Gas" (said under my breath) and there's still
that pesky rev-limiter that helps to prevent damage to some "really hard to
get to expensive german parts"

My humble suggestion is that everyone whom wants to do a computer mod do some
research on just how exactly Audi is using that wastegate to control boost


Eric Fletcher
'87 5KCSTQ IA2 (yep that dash gauge says 2.0 bar!)