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Euro Headlights for 1990 Coupe Q

Hello all!

With the recent traffic on the Euro headlight upgrades for the 5000s, 
4000s, and  UrQuattros, I wanted to know whether an upgrade was 
available for my car, a 1990 Coupe Quattro, and for other list members 
with the 80 and 90 series cars.

Audi still hadn't improved their US spec lighting as of 1990.  I feel as 
if I could easily out run my meager headlights, and my foglights are 
pretty useless (they glow very nicely, thankyou, but I can't see the 
road on a rainy night). Before I pay $150/foglight for new units to 
replace the pitted and cracked ones currently on the car, I figured I'd 
look into investing the money in upgrading the main lighting.

Two more questions: 
1.  Is my car equipped with relays for the headlights?
2.  Looking through old issues of EC (Then VW/Porsche), it appears that 
clear plexiglass headlight covers used to be available for the 4000/5000 
series.  Does anyone know if they are still available?

It would be nice to have some extra protection for the expense $$ Euro 
lenses-considering how pitted my US-spec lenses are at 73k miles.

Before adding myself to Zafer's list (Thanks for taking the initiative, 
Zafer!), I'm going to call Ron's Parts.  Does anyone have other 
potential sources?


Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro