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Cam cover gaskets

Hi all. Here's an interesting one I came across a few weeks
ago. I had ordered two cam cover gaskets from two different
suppliers, and here's what I got:
Gasket 1: This one looked like the traditional 'Murikan oil
pan gasket. It was cork, open at the front end. A rubber seal
was provided that went over the front cam bearing. A rubber
plug filled the hole at the back of the head (which I assume
is there to accomodate the Diesel models, which have the fool
delivery system back there).
Gasket 2: This one is much more in the Japanese tradition, 
being a one-piece deal, except for the plug at the back. It is
a black rubber, and has three or four ribs along each side.
The part that seals the top of the front cam bearing is 
integral with the rest of it. It has copper inserts where
the studs go through.

Both of these came from suppliers who presumably sell only
OEM stuff. Personally, I like the rubber one (Gasket #2) much
better - reliability (i.e., leak-proof-ness) seems much
more designed in, as opposed to relying more on careful 
installation, which Gasket #1 definately requires. Anyone
know which is the "correct" gasket?

Eric T.    '86 5000S