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Re: T.A.P. Dancing

> I THINK what's going on here is that the 5KCST cars have a computer controllable
> wastegate, whereas the UrQ application which the TAP guy was primarily referring
> to has a purely mechanical wastegate which must therefore be tweaked mechanically
> as opposed to the 5KCSTQ where the computer can be tweaked to change the way it
> controls the WG.
> Confirmation anyone?
> Nick.

Does anyone here remember Bill Samaras' ASCII drawing of how the
wastegate control works....

I wish I had a copy to put out now.

The problem with letting the computer ADD BOOST, is that there is a 
DEAD SPOT between where the stock 5k spring "lets go" and when the 
wastegate servo starts adding pressure on the top side of the wastegate
control piston to take it up to the 1.8 ( absolute)  range.

The only way to eliminate the "dead spot" is to stiffen up the spring.

Alan Cordeiro