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90CQ rh fog needed...

Hey guys,
 Wondering if someone could check at their local bone yard (or ??) and see if
they have a righthand (passenger side) fog light for a 90' 90 coupe'Q (These
are different from the 90 sedan). Or, if you can recomend anyone else to call
for a used one, please post the number (you can e-mail me direct). I checked
here in Seattle and found nothing used. I really only need the lens Hella part
#301-135-886. My other opption is to just replace them with the small PIAA
 Also, I would like to find a (used/newer) black leather Audi shift knob to
replace the wood one. I'm sure this would give my coupe an extra 5-10 hp and
it would certainly make it better than any Honda or 325ix. 
 Any word on a calender rep for the NW? Eliot? Linus? ??? Let me know.
90' 90CQ 32K

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