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Re: metallic noise 90Q20V

In a previous message,Solomon Ngan writes:
>What is a "throw-out" bearing ?  Please explain !

A throw-out bearing (I *believe* it's also called a carrier bearing) is the
bearing that's used to disengage the clutch.  It's difficult to explain, but
the friction plate of the clutch moves in and out to engage and disengage the
clutch.  The clutch pedal moves a lever which moves this plate.  At the end of
this lever is a bearing which slides back and forth on the shaft.

If this bearing starts to go, you'll hear/feel a metallic scraping noise when
you engage and disengage the clutch.  If this bearing were to seize on the
shaft, you would be unable to engage or disengage the clutch.  In short, IF it
is a throw-out bearing, it IS serious.  However, don't start mortgaging the
house until you're positive this is this bearing.

On your vibration at speed...if the tires balance OK, you may have a bent rim,
an alignment problem, or an unbalanced driveshaft (???).  Take the tires to a
PROFESSIONAL and have them balanced.  Ask them to check the rims to make sure
they're not bent.  They'll probably notice the bent rim while balancing them
if they know to look for one.

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