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Ur-q Rallye Lights response

Thanks all for your response on my lackolight Ur-q..

The part numbers for my Hella '78-'84 Audi 80 flat euro lights swap on my '83
Ur-q are as follows:

*Euro H4 headlight assembly with metal backing bracket.
Audi #s
811.941.029F   (left)
811.941.030F   (right)
Hella #s
1AG 003 480-391   (left)
1AG 003 480-401   (right)

*Flasher lamp, amber turn, similar to '85-87 4000q, but flat.
Hella #s only
2BA 003 504-051   (left)
2BA 003 504-061   (right)

I was able to get the euro headlights new from Westex
in CA. (wholesale order).  And the Flasher lights (I used
these as parking lights) through Anderson Brothers 
Specialties in Chanhassen, MN  (612) 937-8639. (Kent or Keith). All for about

The only modification I had, was to use '85-'87 4000q
"eyebrows" or trim pieces above and below. 
Slight mod to the upper plastic and lower ones was all
it took. 
Way clean look, super bright lights.

I even went as far as Adobe photoshoping what the new
lights would look like to a photo, before installation. 
(I used the slidin' red '89 Ur-q from (D. lawson/elliot to "convert" to a
Mars red '83 stateside. And even added tons of Hella driving lights just to
see that also).

With all that for the headlights I still have decided to go with minimal
blockage, high wattage and Hella cool look rallye lights as well.... possibly
the 'ol Hella 500's again, but with 100W bulbs/relays.

I just tuned my old '85 4000s q (the one I ran at Virginia City Hillclimb
last year) for the new owner.... boy ladies can really tras..... well anyway,
my 'ol ride has
the Hella 500's on the front and just for looks I swapped over the lamp cover
just to see what it looked like.  They aren't that small and will tuck in
nicely without blockage.

I might make a small bracket to attach to the license plate holes on the
bumper, outwards towards the headlights, and place the small Hellas there.
Very similar to the way the Factory A1/A2 rallye coupes were.  I will let all
know how it works out.

Gotta go to an SCCA autocross early am in Reno on Sun

Thompson Smith <Thompers@aol.com>
'83 Ur-q (RLY RACR) 
'86 5000CStq