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Re: loud clicking under dash '88 90

In a previous message,Michael Cotton writes:
>I have an '88 90 non-quattro with an annoying problem.
>Every once in a while a loud clicking starts going off from somewhere under
>the driver side dash. It sounds like a relay gone nuts!  I replaced the turn
>signal relay but this didn't help.   The only pattern to the problem is that it
>only happens when it is cool outside - 5 degrees C or less (approx 40 degress
>Farenheit I think!).
>Can anyone shed any light? (or quiet)

Got seat heaters?  I noticed mine does it if both seat heaters are turned all
the way up and left for a while (note, only have heaters on when cool
outside).  Turing the seat heaters back IMMEDIATELY stopped the clicking.  So,
my theory is that it's somehow tied to the seat heater relay(s).

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