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Re: Blips throttle twice for downshifts

On Sat, 22 Apr 1995, Christopher Ice x2136 wrote:

> The two-blip method is a follows:
> 1) disengage the clutch, put in neutral
> 2) while still in neutral engage the clutch and blip...I guess this gets all 
> the gears in the xmission spining at about the same speed.

If you blip the throttle with the clutch engaged.... the input shaft of 
the tranny isnt moving, therefore NOT spinning up the gears, Clutch 
shoule be DISengaged and in nuetral.  In the gate, between the two gears 

> 3) disengage the clutch again, and put in gear
> 4) blip again before engaging the clutch and then engage...brings the rpm's up
> to match the expected speed so you don't lug or revv then engine with the
> transmission.

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