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I need some info on used 91' 200 turbo fwd model

Hi guys,

I am looking into buying a 91' 200 turbo fwd sedan with about 30,000 miles
on it. I am just wondering what is a reasonable price for it. It's in
excellent condition, the original owner took real good care of it. The 
Edmunds Used Car Guide has listed a wholesale price of about $14,000.

It's an automatic. My question is whether this a 3 speed or a 4 speed?
Also does this model year have the potential final drive seal leakage 
problem? How about the power steering rack and pump? Is the power steering
prone to leak like my 85' 5000s and how about the brakes are they vacumn
assisted or are they still hydraulic assisted like my 5000s? Does it also
have similar extra structural reinforcement like the 91' 200 turbo quattro?

I currently have an 85' 5000s which experience the typical problems that
most 5000s suffer although I never have a problem with the final drive
unit even after almost 120,000 miles(it's been checked at the last 
transmission overhaul and it's fine). I hoping this 91' 200 has less
problem than the earlier models. Should I just look for a 92' 100 
instead? Is the 92' 100 a much better bet than the 91' 200 turbo. I 
notice the base 92' 100 is actually cheaper than the 91' 200 turbo 
according to the Edmunds Used Car Guide.  

Anthony Chan
Information Services 
Seattle University