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Re: Hoka's on 5ktq

Had some some serious sidewall problems running the hokas "agressively"...
 The hokas are a great "snow" tire, but the P210's are better in the rain and
the "wet stuff" than the hokas, are much (like alot) quieter, have longer
tread life, and the sidewall stiffness is what every M&S manufacturer should
set as the standard....  Your wagon, being even heavier, will show the
negatives more than the positives....  My folks have hoka 10's on their RX7,
but they also live in the "little finger" of northern MI where it snows just
about every single day in the winter months.....   That's where hokas shine,
my opinion is that the awd with the 210's would hardly be considered a
compromise....  And in dirt and loose mud they are impossible to beat (read
no roll under in agressive driving)....  I've had on my various machines:
 ProRally crosscut Eagle GT4's, conti contacts, hokas (9 & 10's), vreds,
goodyears, gislavs, and some BF goodricky snows....  My opinion is that the
210's are the best.....

My .02