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Re: Blips throttle twice for downshifts

> > 2) while still in neutral engage the clutch and blip...I guess this gets all 
> > the gears in the xmission spining at about the same speed.
> If you blip the throttle with the clutch engaged.... the input shaft of 
> the tranny isnt moving, therefore NOT spinning up the gears, Clutch 
> shoule be DISengaged and in nuetral.  In the gate, between the two gears 
> typically...
If the clutch is engaged the transmission input shaft IS turning at exactly 
the same speed as the engine whether the transmission is in gear or neutral 
[unless the clutch is slipping].  The original post is correct ... you want 
the input shaft of the tranny to be spinning about the appropriate speed for 
the gear that you're shifting into.  You have to be careful to disengage the 
clutch while the engine revs are up ... or else the transmission input shaft 
slows down with the engine.  

Steve Buchholz