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Re: 5KTQ chassis & stoutness?

  OK, got the point on the engines with max boost increase potential. I
  also prefer the option to manually lock either diff 100% and at any speed
  Vs the torsen and "auto-unlocking" diffs. I would argue about the gearing
  though. True, being able to hit 60 MPH in 2nd gear is an advantage in
  optimizing 0-60 specs, but, in the "real world", where one does not
  usually stop accelerating at 60 MPH, :), the lower overall gearing would
  be a definite plus to faster acceleration. Specifying the gearing to
  eliminate the 2-3 upshift to minimize 0-60 times is engineering for
  specmanship, a lot like designing your computer or LAN-switch to look
  good on a particular benchmark and not optimizing it for "real-world"
  performance.  :(

  I think I've been sold on building a pre-89 10V 5kTQ, chassis stiffness
  and 20 valves be damned. Thanks Scott!