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Re: Re[2]: New to the list...

>>Regarding the question about the heated door locks, I believe they were a
>>of the "winter" package which also included heated mirrors.  I know the
>>are operational and assume the door locks are as well.
>How do you turn on the mirror heater?  I haven't seen a switch for it, so
>I guess I don't have that either.

The mirrors are heated when the rear defrost is turned on. There is no
seperate switch.

>Found out something interesting last night though...  The seats in my car
>ARE heated seats, they just aren't hooked to anything.  I removed
the>drivers seat and there was this connector not connected to anything.

Are you sure? Do you have adjustables switches mounted on the dash for these
'unconnected wires'? The wires are probably for the seat belt buzzer. I
unhooked mine 'cause it was going hay wire!
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