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noisy distributer Part X

I got ambitious this weekend and took apart my OLD distributer from my 90 
Q 20V. The one that was making all that noise, and that is an Audi 
disposable part.  The problem was from too much end play (Parallel to the 
axis of the distributer) not from wobble.  I drove off the cam gear and 
lifted out the shaft, and took off the hall effect assembly.  After 
taking out the shaft, i noticed it was simply one friction bearing at 
each end of the shaft. This is a good sign, since they rarely get sloppy 
like balls or rollers would here.

Taking off the electronics and shaft was just an exercise and a quest to 
see how it was put together, and didnt really need to to fix the problem. 

What I did was add 2 thin spacers between the cam gear and the 
distributer housing, untill there was negligable play.  I installed it 
again just to test it, and it was dead quiet...  That 25 minute exercise 
saved me about $500 for a new one.  Now I can swap between them when one 
goes, while Im rebuilding the other... since they are "supposed to do 
that.."  Yes, that's what I was told...  (I was also  told to replace 
that cam when you replace the distributer, but I wont get into that now..)

Just thought I would share that with all,  hope it helps someone.


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