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Re: 5KT: Of turbos and altitude, also O2

>         Also, my OXS warning light on the dash turned on halfway through
>         the trip: Bentley says "replace O2 sensor every 30,000 miles". Can
>         I test the thing to see if it's actually dead (since the warning
>         light's triggered by the odometer), or do I have to just replace
>         it on faith?  Will it make a noticeable difference (I'm looking
>         for motivation besides emission control to do it!)?

I always wait until these actually die before replacing them since it's easy
to tell when this happens: the idle speed starts to slowly fluctuate, moving
up-and-down by a few hundred rpm relative to the normal idle speed.  Sensors
can go bad in other ways, of course, but this is the sign that it's worn out
and time to be replaced.  The last one I replaced (a 3-wire heated one) went
over 120k before dying and I've had several 1-wire (non-heated) sensors last
over 80k... 

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