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Re: Differential Locks

> I'm surprised Jeff was only 2 sec slower with locked diff, cuz on dry that
> combo is rough on the skill and the car...

It was an '84 4000q and I made three runs each way after I'd already become
familiar with the course driving my 'FWD 85 4000s.  As I recall, it was not
only 2 seconds slower with the diffs locked instead of open but two seconds
slower still than my well-prepared but otherwise H-stock legal 4000.  I was
NOT impressed by the q's performance -- it struck me as being too heavy and
sluggish feeling, and it understeered heavily -- and after this experience,
I stopped looking for a used one to buy.  I wonder if the '85 -'87 cars are
any better?

On the other hand, I was VERY impressed by the '87 5tq I drove several years
ago and (until I bought the wrecked '91 200tqw) had been scouting for a deal
on one for some time ... how do you people find these cars so cheaply?  Here
in Arizona, they're very rare and every time I found one for sale, the owner
was always demanding a substantial premium vs. the price of a regular turbo,
which at the time put them well outside my price range.

It doesn't matter now, of course, but the same is also true of ur-Qs ... the
last one I saw for sale was a mint-condition '85 with all options, less than
50k miles and the asking price was $18k!  Oh well, maybe someday...

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