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RE: Diff Lock

I have an 86 4000cs quattro that I race in solo II.  I have only raced 
it a few times and was playing with the center diff lock.  I found that 
the car was a bit faster with the middle diff locked...seemed to brake 
better as well as accelerate faster.  I have not tried to lock both the 
mid and rear for fear of being to rough on the car with 100k miles.  
Will this hurt the car?  How can you lock the rear without the middle as 
you mentioned in your mail?  My car has a two stage switch that requires 
the middle be locked before you can lock the rear.

Also,  what shocks (adjustable and non-adjustable) and tires would you 
recomend for street tire class...I don't have the money for a second set 
of rims for race tires.