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Re: New Audi needed...

>My dad is ready to sell his old car and buy a new car.  He is looking 
>toward the new Cadillac Northstar, but he's not too keen on a hungry V8, 
>and certainly not keen on FWD.  I told him to look toward a 200 quattro, 
>it has an engine that sips gas (Compared to Northstar...) and enough 
>power for him... plus AWD.  Problem being, he wants an Automatic.  There 
>such a thing yet? What year should he be looking at? Any info would be 
[stuff zapped]

I can't remember which models they were, but when I went to the Portland
Auto Show back in February, I know that at least two of the cars there
claimed to be automatic Quattros.  I wouldn't own one myself, just sitting
in it reminded me too much of my '80 4KS with the slushbox.  It was a great
car but I had to ditch it because I could come up with the cash out of
pocket to replace the tranny.  (However, my bank would loan me $3500 to go
buy an '85 GT and fix it's problems.....go figure!)

If you want, I could call out to Sunset Porsche/Audi and find out which
models are avail in autos.