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UrQ for Sale


Tried to mail this directly, but couldn't. 

I have a White 1983 UrQ, Euro spec It saw daily use until a few years ago
when I started to store it and freshen it up to keep it concourse. It is a
high miler (220Km) and in magnificent condition - driveline, body, paint,
engine. Recently rebuilt head and new turbo, 220 series Goodrich on 15"
white 5-spoke wheels.  

I have been asking the same question you have of this same group, only from
a sellers point of view. The range seems to be in around US$10K range,
although I have seen some haul-aways for as little as $2,500. 

If you'd like to know more, write. I've got a video I can send you of the car.

                     (Bill McArthur        :      bmcarth@cycor.ca)
                     (Partner              :      h 902-477-4420  )
                     (McArthur, Thompson   :      w 902-420-1860  )
                     (& Law-Advertsing/PR  :      f 902-422-2369  )
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