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Re: Frolocking

>What I do disagree with is that the suspension homework is
> left undone in favor of a locking diff....  We're not reinventing 
>or discovering something new on the track here....  If it's 
>proven, it'd be there, the budgets on most of the teams that 
>would evaluate it exceed the yearly income of the most of us, 
>and a quick weld could make any car what your talking 

Good Point Scott. I was just up at waterford on sunday doing some testing on
the Trans-Am car that I help to design and that I suspension engineer on, and
we were playing with all sorts of things one of which is our diff. Last year
due to some chassis problems we ran: 1) Locker Diff  2) TG 3) Spool
4)Friction Pack Limited Slip and I'll tell you that the Spool was rather ugly
when it came to chassis dynamics.  This year it looks like we got the
suspension just about right and guess what... We see no need to run anything
other than the Friction Pack LS, It even looks like we could run a Open rear
end.  The big thing here is we've got the chassis working correctly and were
maximizing or availble traction.  Not masking chassis problems with a whole
new set of problems caused by a band aid solution.

>In fact I heard an outlawd story today that was about a 
>totally titanium TG diff being nixed cuz of its too good 

Hmmmmmmm...... Wonder where you heard that. (HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!)

>You are missing something glen, I assure you......  Fun, totally agree, 
>a track set up with mucho advantages, not so sure....

Stay tuned to this channel for further developments in this area.

'87 5KCSTQ IA2