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Re: TQC Registry

>Hmmm....  Lots of politics involved in that registry....  Maybe I came on
>strong on the "scam" idea, but if I had one, not sure I see many benefits 
>"registering" it.....  No names, book or any data to you, about the closest
>thing I've seen to date is the demographics of where they are located by
>state....  Whoopie, for that you gave your VIN #??

Not sure as to the level of politics right now. I am an outsider like the 
everyone else. My response is like the rest have seen, I sent in my info... 
and it is a black hole. I want this data to be made available to other TQC 
owners. As for being used for marketing, not at this point. I have never 
gotten a phone call about selling me stuff for my TQC.

I sent out the note in hope of getting more information and to get some 
leverage into obtaining the registry information for other owners. At this 
point I have 160 owners in my own personal TQC database, and I also have 
over 500 TQC for sale lisings in my other database. With this information I 
keep track of the depreciation curve.

The data they have published so far is pathetic, breakdown by state, great. 
I am interested in  how many cars were what color, how the vins line up with 
the build dates(from what I have seen consecutive vins were not built in 
line), how many cars came with  the velour interior, at what point the under 
hood fuse box was incorporated, etc. The fuse box information, is a very 
useful item to look for for a perspective buyer.

This information can be useful, its just that we need to get hold of it and 
this was my lame attempt in doing so.