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Re: TQC ?'s

>  I drive by a 1983/84 TQC all the time.  The other day, I saw the owner
> working on the car and so I stopped to talk to him.  We had a great
> conversation and he asked me to ask the net a few questions.  
> 	The car has about 130,000 miles, looks good (except for a BIG
> scratch, where his wife drove into a mailbox), has a callaway cam, a K24
> turbo, and 215/50/15 tires.  His questions are regarding the suspension.
> He wants to replace the suspension with an aftermarket setup.  What are
> your ideas?  Be as simple or as extreme as you want.  I want to give him
> a few ideas.  Thank you!
> 	Andrew Shea
> 	anshea@hawk.anselm.edu
> 	87 5kCSTQ
I have the Eibach variable rate springs with Koni sport shocks and am
not all that happy with it. I had a set of Suspension Techniques springs
years ago (they finally sagged out) that I liked a lot better. 

In all fairness, I drive rough roads a lot (I live in a pretty rural
place) and I get more suspension travel than most. I wish that I had
either the constant rate springs or stock. I would be willing to sell
me stuff if this fellow wants it. It might work better for someone who
mostly drives smooth roads.

Any other feelings out these? Would someone with the Bekius setup like
to comment?

Bruce Hochuli 82TQC