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Re: IA

Hmmm......  Ned decided not to deal, would Trevor?  Are you getting what you
pay for?  I know why Ned did what he did, and it wasn't cuz of the ten
fifteen twenty box discount....  He also has a dealer/dist network that can't
get a better deal than that, and in the long term scheme of things, I'm not
sure I wouldn't have done what he did to protect his long term survival.....
 A quick cheap buck is just that, and from both sides of the deal......  If
he lowers his pants for the net, he has to for everyone else...     A lot of
balls, and certainly not a PR guy, but he is a thinker, and he thought about
that one.......

He lost 9 boxes of 15....  And until someone can decipher the black
magic.......  He made a business decision, not a knee jerk one like what I
see here.......