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Re: Abt, low temp thermostats, etc.

  OK, here's the poop on the low temp thermostats and fan thermoswitches
  from Abt.
  My how the years play tricks on the memory!

  80 C thermostat, Abt P/N 4088.80C    $26.95 US (now gone to 75 C, 2/88)
  fan thermoswitch Abt P/N 481D.85     $23.95 US

  This is from the Abt catalog dated 12/1/87. I purchsed the thermo stuff,
  the Hella H1/H4s,
  cat "test pipe" and the smoked tail lights and center bar from Abt in CA
  in early in 1988.

  Lots o' other waycool $$$ stuff. I'll try to do a post of the whole
  catalog when I get a chance.....