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Re: more lighting questions

> > BTW, I've thought about using the fogs as the DRLs, but they're too low
> > to be effective and once my wife cleans a couple off the bumper with
> > curbs, they'll be gone anyway...
> This is exactly why I'm so curious about the fit of a V8 front bumper w/
> built in fogs.  I've taken a few off of the '84, never on curbs, I always
> lose mine in snow.  Ann took one off the day after I gave her the car...

While I was working on my airbox last weekend, I also added a second socket
to the sidemarker lights and wired them in parallel with the turn signals.
My friend with the bodyshop is getting me a pair of the teeny-weeny lights
Chevy uses on their late-model Camaro and I plan to install these in place
of the turn signals in the bumper.  I've measured everything carefully and
believe they will fit neatly without any modification to the bumper cover;
the bumper underneath, of course, will need some work but this will not be
externally visible and shouldn't be too difficult in any event.

I was going to keep this a secret until I'd actually finished it but would
welcome any comments and/or thoughts anyone might have before I go further
with it.  Damn ... yet another secret of mine escaped from captivity!

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