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Re: V8 Knowledge sought

> Since I didn't get my hands on a bumper and mount it, I'm not
> telling you no from experience....  But you do have different body parts
> fenders (more than hood), that makes me think you are going to have
> problems....  Sure would like to see you do it mike.....  Not sure your
> statement as to cheaper than the euro lites will hold true tho......
I was talking to Ned last night, and one of the things I asked him is if he
knew if a front bumper of a V8 would fit on a 5kTQ.  He said he knew of a guy
who did it, and gave me his name and number!  Called this guy up, and he said
it would fit no problem.  Then he went on to describe the proceedure.
 Basically, you can only use the bumper cover, not the sub-frame assembly.
 Using the cover requires screwing around with (smashing the fiberglass) the
sub-frame of the bumper you have now to let the V8 cover fit.  And the bumper
of the V8 is wider than the 5kTQ, because of the flared wheel wells.  Also, the
cover on the V8 is about a half an inch shorter, so there will be a gap between
your wheel wells and the new cover.  Also, the way the bumper must be attatched
back near the wells is rather interesting.  You have to grind off the plastic
mounting tabs that Audi supplies that just lets you slide the cover in place,
and jerry-rig the thing with carriage bolts.  Then he started talking prices (I
think this guy owned an Audi junkyard.)  He said he could get me a bumper cover
for a great deal.  then he said he could get the light asseblies for about $125
a shot, which he said is considerably cheaper than the dealer.  Whoopy, I can
get a whole front bumper, lenses sub-frame and all back here for $75!  However,
I have NEVER seen a V8 in the yards, my guess is that anyone who has them knows
what they have and will be about as fun to deal with as an Audi dealer.  So,
the idea was fun while it lasted, but I refuse to pay that much cash for used
car parts.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.

87 5000CS TQ