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Re: RPM Limiter

OK, I'll admit you have a point about dragging out the shift if you are 
inbetween cones or a corner, and the shift would be a waste of time. I've 
done it numerous times, with gritted teeth of course, as I was expecting 
parts to fly. But, now that I have a sequential rev-limiter, it's not a 
problem becuase I'll just run it up to redline if I suspect that shifting 
is going to cost time. HOWEVER, with or without a rev-limiter, You still 
are not making any power the higher up the tach you go, so why not save 
your motor and leave the rev-limiter in place? I prefer the computer to 
do the "looking" at the RPM's as opposed to watching the tach for 
redline. I also use a shift-light tach that shines when I've reached the 
peak in the horsepower curve  (shift point). 

BTW I do not have an audi racecar, I have a 77 VW scirocco, SCCA DSP 
w/1.8 GTI motor.